First EyeWatch drainage implant in our country, the most advanced in glaucoma surgery

We performed the first EyeWatch glaucoma drainage implant in Catalonia and the fifth in Spain! “This is the most cutting-edge glaucoma surgery that currently exists,” says Dr. Elena Milla. She is the surgeon who has performed it and one of the glaucoma specialist ophthalmologists on the visionclinic+ medical team.

What is a shunt implant?

The implantation of glaucoma drainage tubes is one of the surgical techniques that exist today to reduce the intraocular pressure generated by this disease. Its objective is to regulate the outflow of intraocular fluid towards the subconjunctival space in the treatment of glaucoma.

Elena Milla

Dr Elena Milla

"The EyeWatch device is innovative because it avoids the use of internal sutures and ligatures of the tubes to regulate drainage, which are always much more imprecise"

What are the advantages of the EyeWatch drainage system?

EyeWatch is like a small watch that, thanks to metallic discs and ruby pearls that imitate clockwork, allows the drainage tube to be compressed internally in a gentle and controlled manner. From the outside, with a magnet, the surgeon can regulate the degree of opening or closing of the tube to leave it at the intraocular pressure required by the patient.

Why is it such a leading treatment for glaucoma?

It is the first and only adjustable glaucoma valve that exists in the world that allows to precisely calibrate the intraocular pressure at which we want to leave the eye. Manufactured by the Swiss company RheonMedical and distributed in Spain by EQUIPSA, there are currently almost 500 implanted in the world. It is the most precise mechanism that exists to regulate the functioning of the drainage systems of the eye.

How is the procedure performed?

Another of the advantages of the EyeWatch is that it does not vary practically from the technique that the surgeon uses when implanting any valve. It is implanted closed to avoid hypotonia and in the following days, where the formation of the filtration bleb will take place, adjustments will be made until stability is found and the usual post-operative process carried out by the specialist continues.

Elena Milla

Dr Elena Milla

"With this procedure we make sure to offer quick and painless outpatient adjustments"

A unique treatment in our country

With this intervention, Visiõnclinic+ becomes the pioneer clinic in this type of glaucoma surgery in our country. Thus, our medical care is consolidated as one of the most powerful, whose excellence is backed by the use of the most advanced technology and a well-trained human team.


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