Learn for Sight, our ophthalmology solidarity project

In the world, there are 253 million people with visual impairment, of which 36 million are blind. That is why with the creation of the Clínic Eye Training Center (CETC) they also wanted to develop a solidarity project: an international cooperation program. Aim? Offer clinical assistance and teaching to Third World countries.

Offer clinical assistance and teaching to Third World countries.

The entire visiõnclinic+ team is aligned with the values of solidarity and altruism linked to Ophthalmology. From that spirit the program was born Learn for Sight, which will facilitate access to the training offer and the resources of the Grupo Hospital Clínic for these specialists. Thus, once trained, they will be able to carry out their care activities in their countries of origin, transferring the knowledge and learning acquired to clinical practice.

Eye care for those who need it most

On the other hand, throughLearn for Sight,Hospital Clínicalso will continue to provide on-siteophthalmological care to people with visual impairment and with limited economic resources in developing countries. In this way, the face-to-face campaigns that it had already been carrying out in the northwestern area of Haiti continue. Drs Jorge Peraza and Néstor Ventura are our most dedicated specialists in this project.

Haiti, solidarity project

Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the world. 60% of its population lives in extreme poverty. An area battered by drug trafficking, corruption and political instability and natural disasters. Port au Prince, the capital, has 11.26 million inhabitants and only 50 ophthalmologists. Of them, only 12 are surgical. There is a high prevalence of cases of glaucoma, cataracts and refractive errors. With the necessary surgical instruments and portable equipment, each year a group of ICOF professionals travel there.

To date, we have performed 1,396 ophthalmological consultations, 372 cataract surgeries, 364 glaucoma diagnoses, and 692 refractive error corrections.

This 2022...

This April, Dr. Peraza and an optometrist from the Hospital Clínic, Enrique Ordiñaga, traveled to Haiti. “We performed 28 cataract surgeries, iris reconstruction on 2 children and, in total, more than 200 consultations”



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